Global travelers’ guide (Taipei)


Mr. Lion, the Tender Lion Guesthouse host, who travels many countries by his business trip. Each trip, Mr. Lion always got great help from people who came all over the word. At Europe, North America, Asia and Africa, there are always friendly person who are willing to help travelers.


All people from different countries or cities have their own culture and characteristic. But all of them have the same nature- friendly and kindly to help travelers.


This year many friends of Mr. Lion, whom he met before, came to Taiwan (Taipei city). So Mr. Lion decide to open the “Tender Lion Guesthouse” in Taipei. Mr. Lion wishes to help travelers from other countries. Even though Taiwan is a friendly country, but Mr. Lion believes that traveler might needs some information from local guy. For example, you might miss some interesting information, places and authentic Taiwanese food. Even Mr. Lion may not give you sufficient information, but Mr. Lion will try to answer you the information as he knows. Pay it forward; as Mr. Lion received useful information from his former friends he met in different countries.



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